Peripheral Neuropathy Support Group
Metro DC

No Cure
No "Race for a Cure"
But Hope, Advice, Info
      Mutual Support &
      Being Heard?
Yeah, We got that.

DC Peripheral Neuropathy Support Group

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We have reserved the dates shown for our activities

Except where noted, meetings are 1st Saturday and in the Main Community Room at the Mason Government Center in Annandale, VA.

              We meet from 2 to 4, but have the room from 1 to 6 to give us time to setup and

              clean up. Helping hands always welcome!

Please put these meeting dates on your calendars.

2018 Past highlights:
- Jan 6th - cancelled
- Feb 3rd - Regular meeting. Really good as 11 new folks came as a result of an add in a local paper (Golden Gazette)
- Mar 3rd - Presentation on science relating to Peripheral Neuropathy
- Mar 10th: A public Patient Conference at Sibley Hospital in Maryland.
- April 7th - Tai Chi Lesson
- May 5th - Physical and occupational therapists talk with us.

Highlights to come:
- July - picnic!

2018 Meeting Dates:
We've gotten approved dates at the Mason District Governmental Center.
1/6/2018   - Regular Meeting  

2/3/2018   - Regular Meeting

3/3/2018   - Regular Meeting

4/7/2018   - Regular Meeting

5/5/2018   - Regular Meeting

6/2/2018   - Regular Meeting

July          - No meeting, but a Pot Luck picnic somewhere/sometime!!

8/4/2018   - We often skip August (Hey, it's Summer!). But, maybe...We're thinking about it

9/8/2018   - This is 2nd Sat. of Sept. since 1st Sat. is Labor Day weekend

10/5/2018 - Mason Center is closed, but we plan to meet at Floris UMC in Herndon.

11/3/2018 - Regular Meeting (but in the Large Conference Room)

12/1/2018 - Regular Meeting (with Holiday Munchies?)