Peripheral Neuropathy Support Group
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No Cure
No "Race for a Cure"
But Hope, Advice, Info
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DC Peripheral Neuropathy Support Group

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Last update: 5/25/2017  (Note: as of today 7/8/18, this page has not been updated. We did get a little Pass the Hat money on 6/2 and will need to renew our web-page fees in July. Will update this page "real soon now" Mike the Admin)
We have been operating an informal organization. It is clear to all that Steve Klitzman has been putting huge amounts of time and money into our group. So far, so good. So nobody is about to be picky about the small amounts of Pass-the-Hat money involved. Clearly the amounts involved have swamped by the costs incurred by those who bring food and drink for refreshments.

However our little group currently only serves the needs of a few hundred out of the hundreds-of-thousands of neuropathy patients in the DC area.

We need to get bigger, with more groups geographically closer to folks. To do better we may have to collect and spend some money.
To get bigger, we will need to get a 501c3 status. To do that, money handling processes need to be good.

We have a checking account in the name of Peripheral Neuropathy Support Group of Northern Virginia (our old name).  It's controlled by Steve (a balance of $687.23 on 5/24/18). Eventually, Steve will bring in a bank statement and show it to suitable members (like Potential Treasurer Bob, Robert or Margaret), I will post a redacted copy and us nit-pickers will figure out why our calculated balance is off by a few bucks.

Meanwhile, in the following table I have taken a stab at financial transparency.  At least we can cover some of the recent cash stuff.
Not listed:
- Miscellaneous purchases made by Steve, Lou and Mike, such as printing expenses
- Travel expenses by members and their caregivers
- Refreshment costs by many
- Un-reimbursed time and travel costs incurred by our speakers
- Charitable contributions by our members to related organizations, such as the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy

 Bank Balance
Before July 2017
 Opening balance
 This is what was in the checking account then.
     Note:original est balance was $300.
 + 397.83
  Aug 2017
Upgrade WEBS = - 88.83
 Mike Foxworth sent Steve a receipt for $88.83 from WEBS to expand our web site to "paid". This is an annual fee..
  - 88.83
 Sept 2017
Mtg. Pass-the-Hat (PTH)= $23.00
 Mike collected, but did not give to Steve
  + 23.00
 Oct 2017
Mtg, forgot to PTH
And we had a big crowd. Oh the shame of it!
 Nov 2017
Mtg, PTH = $110
PTH handled by Bob McCabb, handed to Mike Foxworth
 + 110.00
 Nov 2017
check sent
 Mike sent 44.17 check to Steve
 Dec 2017
 Mtg. PTH = $110
PTH handled by Bob McCabb, handed to Mike Foxworth
 + 110.00
Jan 1,2018
ICANN "hide fee" = -$12.99
  $12.99 fee paid by Mike to WEBS to increase privacy of ownership details for the website. This is an annual fee.
  - 12.99
 Feb 3,2018
Mtg. PTH = $56
 PTH handled by Bob McCabb & Steve took cash
 + 56.00
 Mar 3,2018
Mtg. PTH = $67
Video Projector Rental = - $50
                      Net: + $17
 PTH handled by Jane & lindy. Mike kept $50 for projector rental & Steve deposited $17
 + 17.00
Apr 7, 2018
Mtg. PTH = + $52
Tai Chi instructor = - $150
                       Net: -$98
PTH handled by Steve and Steve gave check to instructor.
(Food: Steve spent ~ $20)
- 98.00
Apr 19, 2018
Name Tents = - $30.30
Purchased by Mike, offsets portion of 99.18 he owes to Steve.
- 30.30 
May 5, 2018
Mtg. PTH = + $65
PTH handled by Steve. Check from Mike = + $68.88
(Food: Someone brought Brownies. Really good Brownies.)
Note: as of 5/24, April's Tai chi check had not cleared, so bank balance on that date [$687.23] did not reflect that check. Should have been about $700, so our math is off by about $13. Sigh.