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Last update: 12/18/2017
I am exploring shifting our web hosting to another hosting service. We are mostly happy with our current host (, but, it has one big technical limitation - it does not support "on-page links" (also called "anchor links") that allow things like an index or table of content.  Most of the detailed material we have gathered is on our "Details" page. Without an index or TOC it's virtually impossible to efficiently direct readers to portions of the material based on their interests. 

I have implemented a Weebly website <> that does have an index, but there are other technical issues.

I have also created a version using WordPress. The WordPress version is much more flexible and sophisticated, but I'm concerned that it could be technically complex (i.e. time-consuming) to maintain. So-called "managed WordPress hosting sites" would offer relief for time but increase cost.
We have purchased our own website domain name:


Having our own name (not visually linked to WEBS) sounds better, I suppose. But the real advantage is that if we ever need to move our operations away from the WEBS company, we own the name and can take it with us.
  • Both the old name ( and the new name will take a user to this site. As long as we keep paying WEBS to be our service provider, they will maintain this link from old to new.
  • If we ever stopped using WEBS as our service provider, we might lose access to the old name. We might be able to continue to use it as a "free" service, but "free" is not always good. So, we should try, over time, to move away from the old name in all our public pronouncements and literature. So far, most of those changes have not been made
  • All of the following names work:





It doesn't matter if you put HTTP or HTTPS; As of this Summer, they both become HTTPS

I chose ".org" instead of ".com" because we are not commercial.

By the way, "own the name" is not quite correct. Actually we "own" the right to keep paying annual "rent" to the various organizations that keep track of internet names. If we stop paying, it's no longer ours.  
Site Visibility: Is this site visible when searching on the Internet? Yes.
Search for "neuropathy support group dc" in Google, Bing, Yahoo & some others and we (and FPN's support group page) show up on the first page of results.

Unfortunately, some search results point to our old address
instead of the name that we own (  That makes no difference to the user, since the old site automatically links to the new name. But it's a management issue since I need to keep Google and Bing informed so to get usage and security statistics for the new name, since the old name has, essentially, been stripped of content and turned into a simple link to the new site.

Working for years inside the shell of internal corporate and government sites did not prepare me for all the challenges of working in the open internet. Sometimes I feel like the out-of-touch "Admiral of the Queen's Navy" in Pirates of Penzance.

Norton Security says we are safe (guess they didn't talk to my wife).
Some unresolved issues with search results: 
- Links to Neuropathy Support Network usually show up on the first page, including

** The demo web page they created for us. It has some nice features, but we're trying to fix it so it will send you here too (we don't have time to keep both sites updated).
** Their support group list. Their listings for us are confusing. Trying to fix that too. [Their listing only has links to their demo page, not our own page; fixing the first problem will fix that too]

- A frequent link is to a Facebook page [NeuropathySupportGroup). It was started by a vendor and loaded with ads, but may be useful for those who like scrolling down interminable Facebook posts. (Is my bias showing?)
-  A frequent link is to DailyStrength's crisis support site for neuropathy. It's part of "Dr. Oz"'s ShareCare (a medical advice company similar to WebMD) . It's somewhat active and has about 300 members. I haven't joined, so cannot say how  good it would be. But its non-member view is not searchable and seems to be full of unstructured stories of pain and frustration. Still....

Some search results are helpful:
 - Serch engines like Google frequently have links to the interesting & active PN support group forum. Its 600 members pose (and sometimes answer) questions. It has news links and LOTS of links to related support forums (such as conditions or drugs). The ads aren't intrusive. Unlike Facebook, this site earns my Thumbs Up.
-  The Neuropathy Action Foundation's support group page avoids confusion by sending users to support group lists from FPN and the Western Neuropathy Association

-  If one keeps looking, there are links to more specific support groups, such as CMT & diabetes. I hope, someday, to use this site to add links to their sites, perhaps with reviews and details.